TBC PATCH WARNING! Please check the tablets (read FAQ below) for current spawn. Calendar will be updated when the new TBC and Classic shedule is confirmed.

Thursday's summon
ZG resets tomorrow Zul'Gurub resets tomorrow



Will gouge then vanish to ambush a player. AoE to break stealth.


Buy a Gurubashi Mojo Madness potion or bring an Alchemist to craft it requiring 1x Blood of Heroes (BoP), 1x Massive Mojo, 6x Powerful Mojo and 1x Black Lotus.

Region (Experimental)


What is the boss rotation?
Edge of Madness bosses rotate every two weeks (every other Tuesday) and are not tied to the instance reset timers.
Are you sure this is right?
Verify which boss will spawn by inspecting the tablets in the Zul'gurub instance around the perimeter of the Edge of Madness.
Which boss will my saved raid instance ID spawn?
Your saved raid instance ID will snapshot and spawn the boss according to the calendar day the raid instance ID was created.
You're great and your calendar is great! [or] You suck and your calendar sucks!
Please submit feedback and bug reports to the Toe's Romper Room - Hackers Only Discord channel.